Title: Surface with a skirt, 2016
Size: Height 70 cm Width 100 cm
Technique: Weaved, pleated, and colored by hand.
Material: Wool More

About the work
About the work I was visiting at Sjölingstad's wool mill in Norway and fell in love. It's been a few years ago, but the hilarious feeling is still in place when I look at my pleated
bundles. I ‘am in love with a pile of black fabric, bunches of pleated wool fabric with the cords left inside. It was folk costumes, skirt fabric with standing creases that I saw.
Traditionally, the fabric began to be prepared for the dress when the girl was young the wool was carded, spun, dyed and woven to fabric for pleasing. The fabric was tightened
so that it became like a plank which would then be boiled. The pleated and cooked fabric was then stored until it was time for wedding. The long storage in the bundle would
make the pleats extra stable. Time was a crucial fact for the pleats appearance. I think the fabric bundle is filled with thoughts about the future and expectations of life. Time
has been an important factor in my study of pleated weave, time to weave the fabric, time to work with the pleats and shape, and not least time to let the pleated bundles rest,
a slow and investigative process. I want the dress and the dreams, want it to give some kind of impression in the weaves. Imprint of the time passing.

Title: Surface with a skirt, 2016
Technique: Weaved, pleated, and colored by hand.
Material: Wool

About the artist